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May 21, 2021 0 Comments

About a week ago, I had a Moment related to the simple question: “What is on my desk? “We are very busy in the office and I have spent a lot of time early in the morning and after at night-which I like because I work on really interesting projects, but my workspace feels good recently and we always let people work from home, so I have pretty much all the office space to myself.

It was the end of a particularly long period of days and after spending the previous 60 minutes in one of the Partner’s offices(with a socially responsible Cocktail, since we both had time to inform the other about appointments, tasks, next steps, etc.).) I went back to my office, reviewed the Situation, came to the conclusion that I would take a photo of my office and put it on Instagram. As the picture below shows, there was a lot going on.

The image on the left is the original image I took and the image on the right is what it looked like in My Instagram stories. I readily admit that every time I post questions or surveys, I get a very respectable amount of Engagement – and if you’re one of those people, you’ll know I’m responding when people commit. However, when it came to this particular picture, the response was so overwhelming that I did something I had never done before …

I took the picture.

In the first few hours I received about 200 + responses to the question I posted(you definitely see something that makes you go “Hmmmm”). About half of the first 100 responses were about either the Jolly Ranchers bag or the bottle of Whiskey that was sitting outside, but people really started digging deep and commenting on just about anything you can imagine in this picture. As a result, I decided to write today’s post and actually explain everything you see in this photo.

Giant drawing table – this is not my own personal desk, but the one that the Office kept, that you dug and gave me, knowing that I love this workstation work. Just think about it a little more attention from BOKA Powell for me that I appreciate. I will say that I like the function that allows me to flip the table between vertically or completely horizontally – and all the points in between. The thing I don’t like is that the desktop surface, when horizontal, is about 2 1/2 ” higher than I want, probably because of the huge base it sits on.

Sketch- I have two residential projects active in schematic design and this is only a very small percentage of the sketches of those in Wyoming. I confess that I tapped it on the desktop to create a more interesting décor because I gave a presentation to an architecture / engineering class and wanted a more interesting décor than vertical blinds.
Mayline Parallel Bar – came with the desktop, but I don’t really use it because I don’t draw on that particular drawing board. Most of the time, the bar is either pushed up and cleared, or I use it to hold the Paper so that it doesn’t come off the desk as I go up and out of my office environment.

Recycle Trash-it is listed here because recycling is important.

Office chair-it’s rubbish. It is unpleasant and at an advanced stage of decay. If I had a complaint about my work environment, it would be. I sit in this chair between 40 and 60+ hours a week and I shouldn’t have the feeling of screw poking on my butt, nor should I have to …

Glue dots-which hold the plastic on my armrests together. I feel like I should report that I received this chair in this state – it wasn’t New when I received it and was then devastated. I had a Herman Miller Aeron chair in my last office and it was fantastic. Black Size C if you feel generous.

Archival sketches-I usually don’t keep my sketches very long, but this is the stack they live on for their lifetime.

Desk Lamp-came with this particular work station. Nothing particularly nice gold fancy-but I have my own that you’ll see a bit after on in the list

Vertical Blinds-I hate these blinds, admittedly, my hate for them is disproportionate for an inanimate object.

Bob Borson-Yes, this is me taking this very photo. Since I technically have a corner workspace, I have floor to ceiling glass on two sides and you are looking into the joint where the glass is coming together at right angles. In reality, I am nowhere near this thin.

Best Dish Award-this is a reflection of the “Best Dish” award I won at our company Thanksgiving Feast 2018 for the smoked pork I brought up. What you are looking at is a platform that has a bunch of vegetables glued to it … ironic, isn’t it?

Thermostat-could be dummy because whatever temperature you want it to be, it rarely is that temperature.

Wire InBox Tray-I don’t even know why I have an Inbox. If someone wants me to have something, they hand it to me. If I’m not at my desk, they leave it on my keyboard or in my chair. Why does anyone have an inbox anymore? I use mine to temporarily store things like receipts and stuff I don’t know what to do with.

Felt Storage Box-I use this felt box to basically hold all my desktop items so I can easily and quickly either find-or put away-all that stuff.

Moleskine Sketchbooks-I use two different sizes and I have gone on and on why I like the ones I like (or you can go check out “Architects and Sketching” if you are possibly New here.) The little ones are 5 “x 8.5″and the slightly larger ones are 8.5″x 11”. Just make sure that if you follow any of these links to get your own that you select the type of paper you want. I stick to plain but you can get dotted, square or (heaven help you) ruled.

Felt Box-This is a closer look at the collapsible box from above-and also an item that was on last year’s gift guide.

Leather Notecard holder-a gift to me from my office when I joined the firm.

Index Cards, die-I actually made these myself, cut down from larger card stock. I always seem to be in need of something to write on and some things aren’t worth memorializing in a sketchbook but require a bit more permanent than a plain old scrap of paper. These notecards are perfect for just these spells of things.

Field Artist 6.5 “x 6.5” square watercolor journal-appropriate level of “nice” for a sketchbook with paper heavy enough to withstand watercolor washes (a technique that I have promised to myself that I would work on more this year).

Tombow Dual Brush Pens-I have a bunch of thee, but the reality is that I only like a few of their colors for my needs. In particular, I like the N65 Cool Gray – and-the-533 Peacock Blue.

More Tombow pens-yes, you can have more than you need but this is the stack of pens I actually use.

The staff were very friendly and helpful.

Pilot Razor Point (a + b ) – These are pretty good, even though I prefer to use the Sharpie Ultra Fine pens. These have a slightly smaller pen tip so the lines can be finer than with the Sharpie but the very reason I like SHarpie pens is for the amount of ink they put down.

Sharpie Fine Point – ( a + b ) – these are actually not fine at all, I think the marketing team at Sharpie should review the name here.

Pentel Sign Pen – ( a + b ) – another standard pen in my daily use collection. The staff were very friendly and helpful.

Fluke 416D Laser measure-they don’t make this model anymore but it can measure up to 200’with 1/16″ accuracy. This is my personal laser measure but I keep it at the office so others can borrow it (nice but I should probably quit because replacing it now would cost a ton).

Retro 51 Tornado 1.15 Mechanical Pencil-a gift from a past client and still the coolest mechanical pencil I own.

Utility Knife-I have this on hand so I can sharpen my pencils. Finally I will buy another Blackwing one-step long point sharpener so I don’t have to haul it around. This recent times seems to be creating situation, where I am either carrying loads of things around all the time, or I have duplicates. Both are a drag.

Trace “Sie-6” roll of trace simply because it’s sometimes easier and surprisingly less wasteful.

Blackwing 602 (12 – count) – I was recently sent this set of pencils by a new friend and I have only worked my way through one pencil. My first impressions are pretty good … the staff were very friendly and helpful.

So there you go – what will assuredly be the long post, I will write on this website in 2021. There are some things from this list that will rotate in and out of favor, but not many. Most of the things I’ve shown here have stand the test of time and have earned their spot on my desk. So what do you think … am I not found something that you can’t live without? Or maybe you’re just here for the Jolly Rungen and the Scotch?

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